As of: March 20th, 2020, the James Schmidt for Congress campaign is announcing that Candidate Schmidt is withdrawing from campaign efforts for health reasons. Republican candidate Schmidt has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and the intense medical treatments will require a great deal of time taking him away from the campaign trail. After serious consideration it was felt the time away from meeting voters would not best serve the campaign or the voting public. Everything Candidate Schmidt does, has done or intends to do is for the sole benefit of the voting public in the great 2nd District of Arizona. No exception! The great 2nd District has been left behind for far too long.

Mr. Schmidt, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and is long time successful business professional and top level executive for 45 years. He was the first to file for office on December 22nd, 2018 as a Republican. His focus was to help President Trump accomplish more for America and to improve the lives, health, wellbeing, and more for each citizen in Cochise County and Tucson/Green Valley. Making them a better place to live, work and play. A lifetime republican, Mr. Schmidt was considered the most qualified and experienced for the Congressional seat in every aspect. Mr. Schmidt provided more information about himself than any other candidate has provided on themselves! His policy is full disclosure!

Mr. Schmidt is not endorsing any other Republican candidate at this time. “None of the other Republican candidates have shown me that they are either qualified or even care about the broad range of serious local issues effecting the great 2nd District” Schmidt said. Most of them lack any related higher education, none have any top level executive management experience, they have no real notable outstanding accomplishments in life, or any real related life experience helpful to the job they seek. “We have one candidate that is trying to buy his way into Congress, another that wants to end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, one is a swamp creature that is so wishy washy it is embarrassing and yet another that has never held a responsible job in his entire life but wants to lead us in Congress! How could I possibly support any of these Republican candidates in the best interest of the great 2nd District and all the great people in it? I say voters beware and do your research! Ask really hard questions and demand everything from these candidates!” Most these candidates only have their personal agenda in mind for Congress, not what the great 2nd District needs. We will send one of them to Congress and, like all the others in the past, never hear from them again! Shameful to say the least! Demand more this time! Demand accountability!

Certainly the current Democratic representative, a confessed alcoholic, has been a total failure and huge disappointment for the great 2nd District of Arizona and must be replaced; but by whom? “She has been terrible for the great 2nd District” says Schmidt. Try to think of one single accomplishment for the 2nd District she has had! Just one! Anything!

Representation in Washington for the 2nd District should be about who is the most qualified with related higher education, strong extensive executive leadership experience, and real life on the streets and in the field experience, not what political party they belong to or how much money they have. They must really care about every single person in the great 2nd District and its individual and collective issues. They must work the streets, businesses, farms, ranches, orchards, retirement communities and more while listening to the voters to know just what this great District needs. Sadly the AZGOP wants any Republican candidate to win regardless of their qualifications!

Smart voters, of any party, today look at each candidate’s real resume, not just a brochure. Sharp voters listen beyond what a candidate claims or promises to do with great caution. Wise voters will demand the truth from these candidates (some are out and out liars). Informed voters know the issues and know when they are being conned. Political representation should not be a pathway to a high paying job, a career or to build millionaires from incompetents and unemployables. “This race is full of frauds in all political camps. Candidates who will fake it until they make it; with arrogance and incompetence too.” says Schmidt. Every current candidate is looking for a high paying job and a million dollar career! Schmidt was coming out of retirement to run for office and did not need a job or career! He actually wanted to help and improve the great 2nd District at ground level on the street and in the neighborhoods! To help a District with nearly 6% unemployment while the rest of America is at 3.5% unemployment! A District that has hundreds of closed small businesses everywhere! A District with our vets still sleeping on the streets! A District with schools in need of serious help! A District where a major town, Douglas, does not even have a hospital! Where its largest city Tucson, a proud city, looks like a 3rd world country in many places. It is shameful to say the least! Where has our present and past political leadership been? Not here!

Mr. Schmidt sends his personal thanks to all his hundreds of supporters he gained in the past year. The Schmidt campaign will be returning all of the donations received quickly. Those having questions or comments can contact James through his Facebook page at James Schmidt for Congress, email at, or see his website at

Mr. Schmidt sends his personal individual thanks to each of you for your support and friendship!

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