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James A. Schmidt II for Congress 2020


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Selecting a representative for a political position can be tough and confusing. This is exactly like hiring an executive to run your company and get important things done for YOU in a manner YOU support or demand! To spend your money wisely and keep YOU informed on what is happening with your money and your company. As you read through my resume please consider if you have EVER seen a candidate provide a full professional resume before? Most likely the answer in “never”.

As you look at my resume and information look a ALL the other candidates and compare. You will find that there is NO comparison! Unlike all the other candidates I will NOT be learning as I go taking one or even two terms to get my feet on the ground like the others will. You will see that I have faced huge projects, working with millions of dollars, managed thousands of employees, worked under tough deadlines, and owned 9 small successful businesses. I am the only candidate that has a 4 year College degree in Business.

You will see that one candidate only has exposure to the work in the Army. Another has a degree but no executive or large operational experience; just a lot of enthusiasm. The other has training in real estate and that is it. The incumbent is a “carpet bagger” to the Second District and does not even live in the Second District. She has a long track record of doing NOTHING for anyone except herself.


  1. Look for the level of skill in the areas it takes to do this job for YOU!
  2. Look for the required experience to do this job for YOU!
  3. Look for the ability to get things done in a appropriate amount of time- can they work under pressure. Have they done that in the past? Can they do the job for YOU?
  4. Look for the appropriate related education required to do this job for YOU!
  5. Look for the experience with large budgets, working in difficult situations, presentation and writing skills.
  6. Look for the broad experience in areas that are of concern to YOU.
  7. Can you trust the candidate will actually listen to YOU?
  8. Can you trust the candidate to actually follow through on promises made to YOU?
  9. Ask if the candidate will be learning what to do on your time and money?
  10. Ask yourself if YOU actually can trust this candidate to NOT just fall in line with all the other politicians that are now in the swamp?


As of January 30th, 2019


Arizona Ammunition, LLC. ®
Dates Employed Oct 1996 – Present
Employment Duration 22 years 1 month
Location Dragoon, Arizona 85609

Nancy and I started this company in 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona. We do not sell firearms. We develop, manufacture, and sell extreme accuracy, high speed, and top performing custom rifle ammunition. Additionally we do non gunsmithing firearms improvements like scope mounting, bedding, and other similar improvements for accuracy and performance. I also do professional seminars related to several topics, write magazine articles, also do research and development research related to ammunition and firearms. Az Ammo hosts and sponsors long range competitions and sponsor various shooting competitors. We sell our custom rifle ammunition worldwide. We are a leader in top performing 50 BMG custom rifle ammunition and have been featured on the History Channel. We have sponsored the late famous 3 time World Champion Buddy Clifton (50 BMG) and Bob Foth, Olympic shooter and trainer, and several other top shooters. We have been featured in many many publications and the topic of many internet sites and forums. We are well known throughout the firearms industry. There is a full chapter on me in the book “Living with the Big Fifty” by Robert Boatman. I have had a Federal Firearms License since 1980.


Jim Schmidt & Associates
Dates Employed Jun 1994 – Present
Employment Duration 24 yrs.

Nancy and I started this company from scratch. We quickly became an extremely large Special Events transportation and parking planning, operations, and management company. Some examples of our events include the 1987 Papal Visit, Former President Gerald Ford special events transportation, two (2) Woodstock’s (Director of Parking and Transportation), 1996 Olympic Games (Transportation Manager), major outdoor Music Festivals (Bonnaroo, Tim McGraw, Jimmy Buffett, Country Thunder Music Festival, etc.), NASCAR®(s), OpSails, State Fairs, Volvo International Tennis Tournament, and much much more. We provide events transportation, traffic, and parking consulting, planning, onsite management and hands on operations worldwide. Most recently doing traffic engineering at the major music festival, Bonnarro in Tenn. Consulted for Stratton Ski Resort in Vermont and others.

Wildlife Specialist (Retired)

United States Dept. of Agriculture/Wildlife Services
Dates Employed Oct 2003 – Sep 2013
Employment Duration- 10 years
Location- Dragoon, Arizona

I was brought in to bring back to life a County that was abandoned 7 years earlier by the USDA. There were angry, frustrated, and upset citizens over that abandonment I had to overcome and get back on track.. As a Federal USDA Wildlife Specialist, I did wildlife animal damage control in Cochise County and throughout Arizona, as assigned. In Cochise County all my work was coordinated through the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department and I provided support for them and direct services to the citizens related to wildlife issues. I provided equipment, training, support, control, and more to all the citizens. I also performed wildlife work across the state as assigned. In the time I was with the USDA I was Employee of the Year, District Employee of the Year, and I received many many annual awards for performance. I am a certified NRA Firearms Instructor. I am the first USDA employee in history to ever be National Animal Control Association (NACA) certified for Animal Control. I am the only specialist in Arizona with a 5-year contract. I covered a County that is 6,300 square miles all alone. I also expanded my coverage of the county by adding 3 new positions at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista. I had the largest privately funded aerial program in the state that I started. I averaged roughly 3,000 hours per year without extra compensation while working for the USDA. I took this position while Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® continued to operate absentee-owner.


U.S. Trams, Inc.
Dates Employed Sep 1994 – Jun 1996
Employment Duration 1 year 10 months
Location Phoenix, Arizona and New Haven, Connecticut

Nancy and I started this company from scratch. We totally developed a new style passenger “tram” vehicle for high volume passenger movements in large Special Events. We operated these trams at large special events across the United States. Including NASCAR, Fairs, Festivals, spring season ball games, street fairs, State Fairs, large music concerts, outdoor events, and much much more. I sold 7 million dollars’ worth of business in the first 9 months after we opened. The trams were eventually used in the 1996 Olympic Games too.

Senior Vice President

Arrow Stage Lines 
Dates Employed Jun 1993 – Sep 1994
Employment Duration 1 year 4 months
Location Phoenix, Arizona

Since I dominated the events transportation business in Arizona I was brought on to do Special Events transportation sales, planning, and operations for this large private charter bus company. We did major events like Golf Tournaments, State Fairs, and many others. They became concerned about the liability of doing the large events nationwide after doing Woodstock so we parted ways and I went to the Olympics with their blessing.

Deputy Director of Operations

Phoenix Transit System
Location Phoenix, Arizona

Many awards for performance. Handled the Pope’s visit, Phoenix Grand Prix, Arizona State Fair, managed 505 employees with a $21 million dollar operations budget and much more.


Colorado Emprise, Inc.
Location Glenwood Springs, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona.

Three successful retail franchise mall stores, all of which were started from scratch. Also owned and operated 3 Goodyear Tire stores in western Colorado.

General Manager

Roaring Fork Transit Agency
Location Aspen, Colorado.

Combined three public bus systems and did complete turn around and setup. It had many challenges.

Transportation Manager

Beaver Creek Transit- Vail Associates, Inc.
Location Vail, Colorado

I started and operated the bus system from scratch, doubling my salary in the first year.

Project Manager

Maintenance Department, Metropolitan Transit Authority
Location Houston, Texas

Helping to do full setup of a new regional transit system.

General Manager

Sarasota County Area Transit
Location Sarasota, Florida

Purchased and closed old private bus operation and started a new County wide bus system from scratch.

Superintendent of Operations

Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority
Location Topeka, Kansas

Oversaw the entire street operations of the bus system and the down town information center.  I doubled my salary in the second year.

Television Show Host of Kansas Outdoors, WIBW Television
Location Topeka, Kansas

This was a prime time show that I created from scratch, which aired on the largest television station in Kansas. It was state wide with 1 million viewers twice per week on hunting, fishing, and trapping in Kansas. Very popular and sponsored nationally by AC/Delco.


Ottawa University

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration and Management
Maintained Field of Study in Business Administration and Management
Maintained a 4.0 grade point average in final semester (Accounting I. II, III, and Statistics classes)
Dates attended or expected graduation: 1987 – 1989
Activities and Societies: None

Emporia State University

Fields of Study: Business, Managerial, and Economics
Dates attended or expected graduation: 1970 – 1972
Activities and Societies: None

Hutchinson Community Junior College

Fields of Study: Business Administration and Management
General Dates attended or expected graduation: 1968 – 1971
Activities and Societies: Sports Car Club


  • Republican Party – Lifelong member.
  • Young Republicans (Kansas) – Member.
  • National Rifle Association -Current active member.
  • National Rifle Association Firearms Instructor – Rifle, shotgun, and pistol – not active.
  • Kansas Hunter Safety Program- past Master Instructor – Still certified.
  • Safari Club International – Current member and seminar presenter.
  • Arizona Trappers Association – Past member and event sponsor – not active.
  • Arizona Fur Takers – Speaker and working association – not active.
  • Cactus Match League – Past member and Match Director – not active.
  • Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association -Life Member – former V. P. and other positions.
  • Fifty Caliber Shooters Association – Current active member-former V. P. and other positions.
  • Fifty Caliber Shooters Association – Very High Power magazine – current Technical Editor.
  • Arizona Predator Callers – Current active member and seminar presenter and member.
  • National Animal Control Association -Current active member/writer.
  • Arizona Animal Control Association – Past member – not active.
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation – Current active member.
  • Who’s Who in American Business – One listing.
  • Sports Car Club of America – Past member-not active.
  • Hutchinson Community College Sports Car Club – Founder and President – not active.
  • Public Relations Society of Topeka (Kansas) – Not active.


  1. Firearms advocate- Fair and sensible firearms use, regulations, guidelines, and laws at the state and federal level. I 100% support the Second Amendment in responsible firearms use and ownership. There is a reason it was the second (#2) Amendment to our great Constitution.
  2. Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping advocate- These are the activities that help build this great country so long ago. In these modern times I believe in fair and sensible use, regulations, guidelines, and laws of our wild areas. I support the careful management and conservation of our natural resources that is required at all times for wildlife and our public lands. Access for all is required for sensible and respectful use of public land. I strongly support respect for our wildlife and all land owners and stewards of our wonderful fragile precious lands.
  3. Political-Very active in 3 previous large political campaigns of which, in one, I was the campaign manager for a County Commissioner who won by a large margin and a second term.