America’s Economy

For me this is fairly straight forward, interesting, and is not all political. No it is just mostly business to me. As our great economy grows there will be more commerce which increases demands for products and services. That demand for products and services creates more jobs, better jobs, and higher wages. Today, different than ever before we have more types of commerce. Our economy requires attention at all times to insure it continues to grow. YOU must better understand the economy and how it works for you.

In the world the United States of America is a unique union of fifty states in North America. It is the world’s largest economy. It is a mixed economy. That means it operates as a free market economy in consumer goods and business services. But, even in those areas, the government imposes regulations to protect the good of all. It operates as a command economy in defense, some retirement benefits, some medical care, and in many other areas. The U.S. Constitution created and protects America’s mixed economy. The world list in order is as follows in 2019;

  1. United States. Despite facing challenges at the domestic level along with a rapidly transforming global landscape, the U.S. economy is still the largest in the world with a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) forecast to exceed USD 21 trillion in 2019. …
  2. China. …
  3. Japan. …
  4. Germany. …
  5. United Kingdom. …
  6. India. …
  7. France. …
  8. Italy.
  9. Brazil
  10. Canada

Often, for selfish reasons and to put money in their pocket, political leaders work to directly negatively impact our economy. Most of the time it is for POWER though. The more citizens depend on the government (freebies) the more POWER the government has over its citizens. (Promises of Free healthcare, food stamps, Free education, Free everything) That is the way of socialism too! Promises that are NEVER kept!

Current Fast Facts about the U.S. economy;


Consumer spending, which is nearly 70% of the total. Business investment includes manufacturing, real estate construction, and intellectual properties. Government spending is 17%. The fourth component is net exports. That’s exports, which add to the nation’s economy, and imports, which subtract from it. The United States has a trade deficit, which means it imports more than it exports. Its biggest export is also its most significant import, and that’s oil.


Durable goods orders report on how much is ordered of items that last longer than a year. The bulk of this is defense and commercial aircraft since they are so expensive. It also includes automobiles. A critical measurement within durable goods is capital goods. That’s the machinery and equipment business need every day. They only order those expensive items when they are sure the economy is getting better.


The U.S. budget is total federal income and spending. The government receives most of its revenue from income taxes. Most of its spending goes toward three large expenses: Social Security benefits, military spending, and Medicare. When spending is higher than revenue, there is a budget deficit. The federal government has had a deficit every year since 1999. Each year’s deficit gets added to the debt.


The U.S. debt is $22 trillion. That’s more than the country’s entire economic output. The statistic that describes this is the debt-to-GDP ratio. When it’s more than 77%, the country enters a dangerous tipping zone. The U.S. ratio was below 77% until the 2008 financial crisis (Obama).



The current excellent economy we are enjoying is because of President Trumps work and not because of any one thing anyone else has done, government or not, in the great 2nd District of Arizona. If anything local government has restricted growth and improvement of the local economy. I promise to YOU in the great 2nd District of Arizona, YOUR District, that I will stand on the desk and jump up and down, I will yell, I will holler, and I will be very unpleasant to ANYONE that tries to negatively impact the economy in the great 2nd District, YOUR district, of Arizona from Washington D.C. It will NOT be pleasant! I will not look the other way, I will not stop and I will listen to YOU on your needs and problems while living in the great 2nd District of Arizona.

Any economy in the world is fragile; America is not an exception. Our economy can start going bad very quickly as seen in the past. We also know from experience that recovery can be very slow. The balance of the value of our currency, the ability of our citizens to pay their bills, reduce their credit card balances, for businesses to grow and expand their facilities, services, and employment opportunities is critical. American goods and services must be sold in America and around the world for our economy to be strong. A strong economy must have low unemployment, a strong dollar, more exports than imports, and steady expansion.

There is so much more to the World and American economies that are so important and directly effect all of us. Is this all boring? Not to me in anyway. I understand it all. With any appreciation or understanding of how all this works one cannot ignore any of it. I find it all fascinating and remarkable. By understanding nearly every aspect of the American economy I can have direct influence and impact on it for the great 2nd District. It is my goal and promise to help you in the great 2nd District of Arizona better understand it all and to fix it. It is broken here and must be fixed so we can all enjoy the fruits of our labor like the rest of America is!

MY INTENTIONS ARE TO ADDRESS ALL THESE ISSUES- I will work with local Chambers of Commerce, labor unions, business associations, County and City Commissions, Mayors, and Commissions, business leaders, Trade Associations, Unions, and similar to hold regular forums, training classes, and workshops for business owners and business employees (yep them too) to help them better understand the current and ever changing market in the 2nd District. I have the skill, understanding, and fierce determination to help. I have owned and operated 9 successful small businesses, I have administrated very large operations too. I know what to do and I will do it! I do not need on the job training like others do!