America’s Second Amendment

My Experience with Firearms

I have hunted and shot firearms since was 10 years old (58 years). I have had a Federal Firearms License for 39 years. I currently own and operate a custom rifle ammunition company. We have been in business for 21 years! I am the Technical Editor for a worldwide shooting organization and write for other publications on hunting and shooting. I give presentations on hunting, ammunition, and firearms to groups like Safari Club International and similar.

I have an entire chapter devoted to me in the book “Living with the Big 50’s” by the late Robert Boatman. I am considered a firearms and ammunition expert worldwide.  Doesn’t it make sense to have a representative that actually knows something about firearms making laws on or about firearms?

Sensible Enforceable Firearms Laws

Do firearms harm or kill people? People harm or kill people. What tool they use is a choice made only by the person doing the killing or harm. No one forces or decides a person as to whether to use a baseball bat, knife, fists, automobile, rock, water, fire, bomb, or firearm when doing harm or killing others. Removing the firearm from the list of choices only shifts the choices to other devices or tools. The harm or killing will go on and it is foolish to think it will stop.

Firearms are NOT evil; the people who illegally use them are evil.

I have a lifetime teaching certificate from the State of Kansas for Hunter Safety Instruction. I have been an NRA certified firearms instructor for rifle, shotgun, and hand guns. I give professional seminars on firearms and ammunition and I own a rifle ammunition manufacturing business. I have been hunting and shooting (starting with a BB rifle) since I was 6 years old (62 years). I have firsthand extensive experience with firearms. It takes a professional like me to know what type of firearms regulations are necessary and will actually work to help insure safe use of them in America and the 2nd District.

Firearms are NOT evil; the people who illegally use them are evil.

I want every American safe and secure. I believe that it is necessary to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and other persons who pose a threat to the safety of others. I wish to insure the safe use and ownership of firearms for everyone. Very carefully worded rules are required to never infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights…ever!

Firearms are NOT evil; the people who illegally use them are evil.

I believe that everyone that owns and uses a firearm must properly and safely secure that firearm at all times. In the home, while traveling, while in use, or anywhere else. They must secure them in a manner that keeps firearms unavailable to minors, criminals, and others that are not authorized to handle or use them.

Firearms are NOT evil; the people who illegally use them are evil.

Gun Violence

Actually firearms, as a tool, are no more violent than the person using them. The same with a baseball bat, knife, fists, automobile, rock, water, fire, or a bomb. There are thousands of shooters that enjoy a day on the range, shooting in competition, hunting, or just plinking at cans. There is no violence involved in any of that. It is the evil reckless people that take firearms and use it for bad things against good people like YOU!

Firearms are NOT evil; the people who illegally use them are evil.

Consider that water and fire both save and take lives all the time. A prescription drug can save or comfort a life or take it too. All, water, prescription drugs, fire, and firearms require careful management by responsible people.

Firearms are NOT evil; the people who illegally use them are evil.

How to improve America’s firearms safety?

Firearms safety starts with the individual and at home and NOT with government. Each individual person is 100% in control of firearms safety where ever there are firearms. It is foolish to think in any way that the government can totally control firearms in America. The number of firearms in America and the world are;A June 2018 report from the Small Arms Survey estimates that American civilians own 393 million guns, both legally and otherwise, out of a worldwide (civilian) total of 857 million firearms. That’s up from 270 million civilian-owned guns domestically, and 650 million globally, in 2007, the last time the Swiss organization released an estimate.” Source- GUNS by Alex Yabin, June 25, 2018; 6:46am. is PRIVATE ownership of firearms and not in control by the government so the responsibility falls to the firearms owners. To think that the government can control all these privately owned forearms is foolish and very naive. The United Kingdom (England) has strict firearms policies for decades and yet they still have firearms violence. Chicago and California they have very strict firearms regulations and still have high amounts of crime! Why is that?

An excellent source of information on firearms ownership and violence is Wikipedia. For great information see;

Another excellent source is the Geneva Declaration information at;

You will see that the attempt to remove all firearms from private ownership may shift violence but does not stop it!

Study all this information closely! It is ALL true! The sky is not falling!

Firearms Safety in General

  • Mental Health issues– Every single responsible firearms owner and user agrees that those with serious and verified mental illness should not have access to firearms until their issues are resolved. Great care to NOT violate their individual rights as an American MUST be considered at all times. The restriction on access to firearms should not be permanent either; meaning that if their mental illness issues are resolved then their restriction to firearms should be lifted. This is a complicated issue and great care must be taken when developing the guidelines.
  • Gun Shows “The gun show loophole” is a political term in the United States referring to the sale of firearms by private sellers, including those made at gun shows; that are exempt from federal background check requirements. This is dubbed the “private sale exemption” or “secondary market”. Gun Shows have been in existence for decades with little to no issues until anti-firearms advocates decided that they are a problem and vulnerable to further their cause. There is NOT a dark side to gun shows in anyway. Vendors at these events are in the business of earning a living and NOT selling illegal firearms or any other devices. If an illegal firearms transaction was going to occur it would happen whether there are Gun Shows or not!Have you ever attended a gun show? If not you should go to one and see for yourself.At Gun Shows you will see vendors selling jewelry, books, tools, bags of all sizes, pictures, ammunition, flags, and of course new and used firearms. You will see families in attendance, young children, and people of ALL back grounds, colors, male, female, nationality, and both young and old. These are NOT evil people breaking the law in any way! Having gone to Gun Shows myself for decades, I have never seen shady, dark, secret looking people lurking around waiting to purchase a machine gun, hand grenade, or a bazooka at these shows. It is 100% true that private sales of firearms owned by everyday honest legal citizens are sold at these shows. That is their legal right to do a private sale of anything not restricted and they legally own without government intervention.The law is clear and is followed at EVERY gun show vendor that a back ground check must occur when they sell a firearm thorough their business. When you go to a gun show ask any vendor what the process is to purchase any legal firearm from them. You will find that 100% of them follow the law.Please remember that in every single profession, occupation, job, activity, and similar has people that do not follow the law, are not pleasant, not courteous, or are just out and out bad. That does not mean that everyone at that activity is bad. Did we stop baseball because Reggie Jackson gambled and was caught?


Private Firearm Sales

The current laws allow the private sale of anything that is deemed legal that a citizen owns without intervention by the government. Of course illegal drugs, stolen property, and similar are not allowed by law to be sold by anyone.

The private sale of legal firearms owned by a legal private citizen is allowed and should be. A private citizen may NOT sell firearms for a friend or other persons though that they do not own directly.

I do not support the effort to require background for ALL sales or transactions of privately owned firearms.

Straw Purchase

Buying a firearm for someone who is prohibited by law from possessing one or for someone who does not want his or her name associated with the transaction is a “straw purchase.” An illegal firearm purchase (straw purchase) is a federal crime.

I support this law 100%!

Click here for FBI details on weapons of homicides in America

Suppressor Ownership

A silencer, suppressor, sound suppressor, or sound moderator is a muzzle device that reduces the sound intensity and muzzle flash when a firearm or air gun is discharged. It can be a detachable accessory, or integral part of, the muzzle or barrel. This includes pistols, shotguns, rifles, air rifles, and even paintball guns. (picture of person shooting firearm with suppressor on it)

Firearm silencers are currently regulated under the 1934 National Firearms Act (NFA) and the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA). Both statutes use the definition of a silencer/muffler included in the GCA. The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is the lead federal agency that administers those statutes.

The Hearing Protection Act (HPA) would remove firearm silencers from regulation under the NFA. Silencers would continue to be regulated under the GCA in a manner similar to the way long guns (rifles and shotguns) are regulated under this law. On September 18, 2017, the House Committee on Natural Resources reported the HPA as part of the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (H.R. 3668). This bill was referred to other committees, but they were discharged from further consideration. (See also H.R. 367, S. 59, and H.R. 3139. (Picture of suppressor- more than one please)

I totally support the deregulation of Silencers. Unlike in the movies or television suppressors do make a loud noise but not sharp enough or extremely loud and unpleasant. Most European countries allow the usage and ownership of a gun suppressor, to some extent. I would categorize these countries into three pools:

    • Countries which don’t require licensing at all, meaning suppressors are over the counter.
    • Countries which do allow suppressors, but require licensing. Typically these countries require a reason for the ownership to grant a license. This could be for hunting, and so the license will be granted if you are a licensed hunter. Many countries including Denmark, fall under this category, a suppressor license is very easy to get and you usually receive the paperwork for it a couple of days after the application was sent in online.
    • Countries which require licensing and a special reason/occupation to allow ownership. This could be that you are working for the public sector as Ranger in the forest and therefore sometimes have the need to put down wounded animals without scaring users of the forest or other animals. The license would be dependent on your licensing as a hunter and your contract with the state, meaning if you lose your job you lose the license for the suppressor.

In most European countries it is considered rude not to shoot with a suppressor. Those countries who currently don’t allow ownership or usage are about to do so. Suppressors do NOT silence the sound completely, but only reduce (you still need hearing protection) to achieve a more comfortable, safe sound level. (Source- Wikipedia)

Background Checks

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is a United States system for determining if prospective firearms or explosives buyers’ name and birth year match those of a person who is not eligible to buy. It was mandated by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (Brady Law) of 1993 and launched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1998.

After a prospective buyer completes the appropriate form, the holder of a Federal Firearms License (FFL) initiates the background check by phone or computer. Most checks are determined within minutes. If a determination is not obtained within three business days then the transfer may legally be completed.

Background checks are not required under federal law for intrastate firearm transfers between private parties. Some states require background checks for firearm transfers. These states either require gun sales to be processed through an FFL holder, or they require that the buyer obtain a license or permit from the state. (source Wikipedia)

I 100% support the NICS system for retail sales of firearms. I do not support the effort to require background for ALL sales or transactions of privately owned firearms which currently do not require a background check under federal law.

Assault Weapons

I prefer the term “firearm” instead of “weapon”. Law enforcement and the military use the term “weapon” when referring to firearms. Drawing from federal and state law definitions, the term “assault weapon” refers primarily to semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns that are able to accept detachable magazines and possess one or more other features. Some jurisdictions define revolving cylinder shotguns as assault weapons.

As one with any intelligence will see that definition is very very loose and I believe that is intentional to allow more control.

Semi-automatic firearms have been in existence for decades. 22 caliber rimfire hand guns and rifles, shotguns, and centerfire rifles have had a semi-automatic option for decades. These firearms are commonly used by law abiding citizens for plinking, target practice, and hunting. There is NOTHING evil about them in anyway. There millions of these firearms in use today by honest law abiding citizens.

I do not support any effort to restrict or limit semi-automatic firearms. Fully automatic firearms have been restricted since

Firearms are NOT evil; the people who illegally use them are evil.

America’s Second Amendment

The Constitution states- “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Look at the verbiage. “free State” is a proper noun meaning “Sovereign State”, “Country”, “Nation” not “States” as in the thirteen states. The Amendment was easily accepted because of widespread agreement that the federal government should not have the power to infringe the right of the people to keep and bear arms, any more than it should have the power to abridge the freedom of speech or prohibit the free exercise of religion. (picture of the Constitution and/or Declaration of Independence)

Definition of infringe:

transitive verb: to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another infringe a patent.

Click here for FBI details on weapons of homicides in America


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