Social Security Protection

A falling worker-to-beneficiary ratio is one of the biggest problems facing Social Security today. There has been a demographic shift — namely the large number of retirements by baby boomers. Between 2010 and 2030 we are very likely to see more than 70 million baby boomers enter retirement, which means a big surge in the number of eligible beneficiaries.

As a result of these rapidly growing deficits, Social Security will need to tap into its reserves to make ends meet. By 2034, just 16 years from now, Social Security’s reserves are expected to be completely depleted.

“This is a critical program for America’s hardworking aging citizens. The citizens have been paying into this program most of their lives so they own it; not the government. The current structure is working well and should be left as it is. This program must be protected in every way possible. I strongly feel that this program should not be in the mainstream federal budget and be held separate and protected from Congress being able to “borrow or lean” the accumulating funds. Allow the accumulated funds to remain separate and accrue interest and grow on its own. We must protect our aging citizens!”